Healing through Challenging Times

If you’re suffering with:

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Emotional pain,  Loss,
Trauma, Low self-confidence or just not feeling your best…whether this is due to your personal
circumstances at home or work, a physical or mental health condition, an addiction, past unresolved trauma, a phobia, how you feel about yourself or simply a change that you would like to make but not sure how to do it…
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I understand, you’re not alone, I’m here to help!

I hold supportive one to one sessions, using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a very gentle yet transformative method helping you tap into your body’s energy system, subconscious and inner wisdom. As we talk, breathe and tap, that which may be blocking your natural state of wellbeing is released, enabling your inner healing process to flow. From this space you may find resolve, clarity, compassion and empowerment. Naturally experiencing changes and feeling better in yourself and your life, connected with your intuition and ever-present peace and joy which resides within.

“Helen is very welcoming, calming and understanding, helping to make me feel relaxed and comfortable to express myself, there is a lot of support and positive guidance throughout.”

Appointments available online (usually via Zoom): Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays (afternoon and evenings)

 For more info or a FREE 20 minute chat to see if I could be of help to you please

contact me (Helen) by phone on: 07896488008 

or email: